With State Testing Just Around the Corner, Fast Typing Skills May Be Crucial

Feb 20

As computers and technology are rapidly being integrated into the curriculum including state testing, it is crucial that your child know how to type quickly without looking at the keys rather than using the “hunt and peck” method. Below are some great programs that your child can use to improve their typing skills.


Keybr- http://www.keybr.com : This program uses your students’ test results to create typing lessons at their skill level instead of just repeating random letters. It also makes them type real words to improve their learning.

Nitro Type- http://www.nitrotype.com : Nitrotype involves a car racing game in which typing speed and accuracy help the student win the game. Students are taught the home row keys and from their build on that as they continue to practice.

Typing Club- http://www.typingclub.com : This program teaches student to touch type using the correct fingers. It is good for beginners and those looking to improve their speed.

Dance Mat Typing- http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr :  This is a great program for younger users as it features cartoon animals as the “teachers.” After each level passed, the animals sing and dance. The program contains different levels that focus on teaching different keys and is very interactive.