Why Curiosity is the Most Important Skill!

May 27

Babies are infinitely curious.  They will touch, grab, climb on and stare at everything. As they grow older, many kids loose their curiosity. By the time they become adults, they focus on getting through their daily routine or are engaged with their smartphones.

Developing a child’s curiosity enables them to learn, grown and question throughout their education and career lives. It also helps them to value creativity. Here are six more reasons why curiosity will help your child live a richer life.


1. Curiosity gives academic knowledge its power and usefulness in the real world.The truth is, curiosity and creativity are some of the most valuable skills young people can have as they prepare to enter the global economy. As professionals, they’ll have to innovate on the go, think of better ways to solve old problems, create time- and money-saving solutions, and much more.

2. It cultivates an active mind.It helps children to analyze their surroundings.

3.  Curiosity drives personal development. As we learn new concepts and are exposed to new ideas, we can mature and become more open-minded.

4.  It counteracts boredom.  Parents can’t entertain children 24/7 and even technology gets old. Natural curiosity can stimulate new interests and keep your child from seeking trouble that boredom can cause.

5.  It encourages self-sufficiency. Curiosity can urge children to seek solutions to their own problems instead of waiting for adult help. It can also motivate them to research questions that they may have.

6.  It counteracts self-absorption. As a rule, curious people are aware that they do not know everything. Searching for answers will help them have a more developed worldview so they will not think they are the center of the world.


The good news about curiosity is that children are born with it. They key is to learn how to encourage it rather than destroy it.