Savvy tech tools for your Teen or Tween!

Here are some great websites to check out that can help your children, tweens, and teens with reading and writing! I learned about them in a workshop at school today and was very impressed!
1) – this search engine searches only credible web sites approved by internet research experts to help students with research paper and also find appropriate materials.
2) – this site allows students to cut and paste or type in text and then the site rewords it into simpler, kid friendly words so that students can understand upper level vocabulary and difficult text.
3) – this free software reads aloud text to students.
4) – this site is an online citation maker to help students with works cited for essays and reports.
 5) -this site has a bunch of tools including a grammar checker, sentence rephraser, and contextual spell checker. This can really help when writing essays and research papers.
 6) – this site lets you annotate web pages and highlight. You can also save, share, and collobarte on your web research with others. Best part, it’s free!
7)  – this site offers a an app for only $9.99 in which they can use ipads to create webs, outlines, plots, graphs, concept maps, graphic organizers. This is a great ool to help with reading comprehension, studying, prewriting for essays etc.