High Tech “Educational” Gifts for the Holidays

I know you were thinking what can I get my child or teen that they will actually benefit them in school but that they will also enjoy using. Here are some gift ideas for Christmas and Hanukkah 2014!


1) Kindle Voyage $200- this e-reader has high resolution 300 pixels per inch display to enable you to read text like it were printed on a page. The micro-etched glass diffuses light to eliminate glare.  This is great to eliminate the heavy back strain many of our students endure as well as take on fun trips for the holidays.

2) Adonit Jot Pro- $30- This is a stylus for the iPad or Android tablet. It’s meant to feel like a natural pen. The rubber grip provides comfort and attaches to the tablet for easy storage.

3) Fitbit One– $100- This can help your child be more active, eat healthier and sleep better. It tracks your stesp, distance, and calories but it also measures your sleep cycle. We all know these are large factors in school success.

4) Motorola Moto 360  Smartwatch $250-This will keep your teen organized as it displays alters from android phones and pairs with bluetooth. No more excuses for forgetting to study, doing your chores, etc.


** Gift ideas can be found in the California Educator Magazine as well at


Here are some additional websites with educational gifts for your child/teen:   http://www.discoverthis.com/great-gifts-for-teens.html