As an Elementary Immersion Teacher of 4 years and mother of 3 grown kids, Caragh has been tutoring students from K – 12th for 8 years. She believes that one on one tutoring greatly targets the gaps and launches the students farther ahead. Caragh is a trained Orton Gillingham tutor for those with dyslexia. Additionally, she has a passion for teaching Spanish. With a B.A. in Spanish from UCLA and living one year in Spain, she makes learning Spanish lots of fun by using lots of teaching aids, tiles, short stories, games, and white boards all with your child or teen’s interests in mind. Caragh finds it gratifying when there is a spark ignited, and the student realizes they can do it. She has helped many students with Reading and Spanish soar, and her National Tutoring Certificates in Beginning and Intermediate Tutoring and Reading really add to better her instruction and assessment. She loves to laugh, cook, bicycle and read. Colleagues and friends describe Caragh as patient, calm, easy going, and goal oriented.