Learning Spanish? Most Spanish Teachers Teach the Alphabet, but do NOT Cover Pronunciation Well

After tutoring Spanish for the last 10 years, it has come to my attention that although students have to learn the names of the Spanish alphabet, teachers rarely give students a pronunciation chart that will help the be able to read new words that they see. I have made this chart for many of my students and welcome you to print it and use it to help your child or teen.

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Chart

a-???? short o (like hot)

b-??? b

c-???? c

d-??? d

e-???? short e (egg)

f-???? f

g-???? g

ge or gi= h

h-??? silent

i-????? long e (eat)

j-????? h

k-??? k

l-????? l

ll- ?y

m- m

n- n

?- ?ny

o- ?long o (boat)

p- ?p

qu- k

r-? ?r

s- ?s

t- ?t

u- long u (suit)

v- v

w- w

x- ks

y- y

z- z