Tutoring And The Special Needs Child/Teen

Tutoring for students with special needs is essential, especially during the summer. Children with learning disabilities are often overwhelmed by the difficulties they face in a group-learning environment. Moreover, these children also struggle with retention of information and long term memory. They take longer to learn concepts and need the information broken down. Tutoring can provide students with autism spectrum disorders, dysgraphia, dyslexia, language processing trouble, ADHD, or any other learning-related challenge,?an opportunity to succeed despite classroom pressures. Below are some of the ways tutoring can benefit your child.

1. Helps Children Overcome Their Challenges

Attempting to process information and maintain pace with the rest of the class can be challenging. As teachers and peers move on to new ideas and skills, students with special needs often struggle and fall behind, particularly when new lessons are designed to build upon previously presented information. When students have access to special education tutoring, they have the opportunity to revisit challenging subject matter, use new strategies for accurately conceptualizing and comprehending these topics and prepare for more advanced material. Ultimately, rather than falling behind in class, children who receive special education tutoring can catch up and keep up with their class.

2. Helps Children Advocate for Themselves

Working with educators who are both knowledgeable and understanding of their unique needs helps children feel more comfortable about their unique learning methods. Not only does special education tutoring help alter the way in which they approach the learning process, but these sessions additionally allow students to get a deeper understanding of themselves and of how their minds function. Children are better able to self-advocate for test taking methods that will allow them to succeed. For older teens that are preparing for higher education, this ability to advocate for themselves will later prove invaluable.

3. Help Students To Identify Individual Learning Styles

If a child or teen does not have an IEP, special education tutoring can assist students in identifying their individual learning styles.

4. Help Students Learn the Best Test-Taking Strategies

Students with autism spectrum disorders, language processing trouble, ADHD and dyslexia, tend to approach test taking far differently from their general education peers. Sadly, in many instances, the testing process is not optimally suited to the needs of the individual. Special education tutoring services can structure test prep session to best meet the needs of those who cannot sit through hour-long sessions of reviews. Additionally, tutors can help students prepare for open ended questions that may have multiple parts and require students to write multiple paragraphs.

5. Alleviate Test-taking Anxiety

Knowing and being able to apply test taking strategies can alleviate some of the anxiety that students feel during these testing. With special education tutoring, teens can confront important exams such as the SAT, with confidence and a sense of preparedness.

6. Help Parents and Students Select Appropriate Special Testing Accommodations

As teens prepare to take pre-college examinations, it is important for these students and their parents to have a clear understanding of which testing accommodations are available. Special education tutoring services can help families learn more about the guidelines for these special accommodations and how to ensure students receive them.

7. Helps Students Build Confidence

Children with learning disabilities who receive special education tutoring services tend to be far more comfortable in the learning environment than those who do not. This comfort can lead to fewer behavioral issues and fewer problems with anger, depression, frustration and anxiety. Children who receive special education tutoring on a year-round basis, rather than just before major testing seasons often progress the most.

8. Students Learn New Strategies To Aid In Their Comprehension

One of the major struggles that teens must make is discovering how to become and remain accountable for their learning needs when entering the college environment. Special education tutoring does more than prepare kids for pre-college examinations. These professionals also help young learners develop the strategies and skills that will improve their reading comprehension in all subjects.

9. Prepares Students For Lifelong Success

Ultimately, special education tutoring services help students to understand their disability and individual needs. Children are given tips and tools for overcoming differences in learning methods, particularly when confronting new materials in-group environments. This sets them up to succeed in high school, college and beyond the campus. With the help of special education tutoring services, students can reach their personal and professional goals.