New Chemistry Preview Summer Class Added

Would you like to review the fundamental concepts of chemistry before the Fall semester? Let’s work through the following concepts to build a strong basic understanding of important chemistry concepts to aid you this upcoming year! Class taught by extremely popular tutor and Chemistry teacher, Vanessa. Vanessa was the most requested tutor last year and we were so sad to loose her when she moved to Washington state. Now through zoom, she has rejoined our staff and we are so happy to have her back!

Recommended worksheet booklet:

  • Chemistry Workbook Grade 9-12 By, Carson Dellosa Education
  • A composition book for student notes
Chemistry Concepts covered:  States of Matter Nomenclature* Stoichiometry* Chemical Reactions* Bonding Solutions* Gases Acids & Bases Thermochemistry*Commonly challenging topics: Nomenclature Stoichiometry Chemical Reactions Thermochemistry Solutions

Topics above are a general guideline, how much is covered is dependent on the student’s progress and understanding. The goal will be to cover all of the following topics.