What Qualities Should You Look for in a Tutor?



                 I know you are thinking how hard can it be to find a tutor? There are advertisements all over and tutoring companies left and right, but finding a tutor is the easy part! Finding a good tutor is a bit more difficult! Hopefully these guidelines will help you! Beach Cities Tutors embody these qualities!


1)   Patient– A good tutor must have patience in regards to explaining concepts and also allowing time for students to grasp concepts and learn from errors. A good tutor will never rush a student and will let the student know that they are happy to help while allowing the student to work independently for a portion of the time after receiving guided instruction and modeling.


2)   Structured– A good tutor will go through step-by-step instructions. He/she will write down the steps with simple wording and examples. A good tutor paces the tutoring session so that the student will not be bored, but also not feel stressed. A good tutor will set the expectations for the session. They will spend a little time to talk to the student and make them feel comfortable, but make sure to stick to the subject matter and redirect the student if they start discussing off-topic subjects.


3)   Inspiring– A good tutor will build the students’ confidence by showing them they are competent and can succeed with effort and practice. A good tutor will also serve as a positive role model for the student.


4)   Animated– Good tutors should not use a monotone voice. They should vary their voice and facial expressions to keep the student engaged. Humor but not sarcasm can also help the session to be more enjoyable for the student and increase his/her comfort level. A good tutor wants the student to feel comfortable asking questions.


5)   Individualizes instruction– A good tutor will tailor their instruction to the student’s learning style (visual, auditory, AND/OR kinesthetic). The tutor can give a test to determine this, use a questionnaire, observation, or parent/teacher interview.


6)   Checks for Understanding– A good tutor will make sure that the student can demonstrate their understanding of the subject by either orally quizzing them or having them solve problems (math). This should take place after going over the subject matter, doing examples, giving written step-by-step directions, practicing together. A good tutor will not allow a student to just say they understand without proving it.