Active Reading Strategies

I am sure many of you have read a page or ten pages and asked yourself what did you just read? It is very possible for students to physically read the words without comprehending what they read. I highly recommend the following strategies to ensure that your middle or high school student is actively engaged.

1) Make an outline/take notes

2) If at all possible, buy novels so that you can underline, highlight and annotate (take notes) while you read. This will greatly help your child when they must write an essay on the novel.

3) Fold a piece of notebook paper in half and have the student write down questions they have about the material while reading. They should answer the questions on the other side of the paper (Cornell notes).

4) Students should make a personal dictionary of words that they do not know. This will enhance their comprehension as well as prepare them for the SATs/ACTs.

5) Have student write short chapter summaries.

6) Have student writes write predictions before reading each chapter of a novel.