Does Zoom School Increase the Value of Private Tutors?

As a teacher I admit that teaching zoom school is easier for me. I don’t have to drive anywhere and get to spend time with my dog on my breaks. Additionally, our hours are less, but I really see the students struggling in regards to maintaining concentration and focus as well as understanding difficult concepts. The school day is shorter and many students do not take advantage of office hours. One on one online (e-learning) and private in home tutors can make an enormous difference in supplementing the “the new normal school.” For some super motivated students who catch up to concepts easily or can self teach, online learning works but many students are suffering.

At first parents may have thought “Oh, it’s only a few months of learning loss,” but this loss makes a very large difference in being prepared for the next grade level and being prepared for college. At this point, no one knows when we will get back to regular school. Having a tutor who can explain and break down concepts as well as engage the student in a one on one setting whether it be online or in person is crucial. Beach Cities Tutoring is unique in that we look at the whole student, personality, learning style, and subject needs to match students with the best tutor fit. We guarantee your satisfaction and if you are not satisfied you can try a different tutor. The tutor-student relationship is most important for us. Summer is near and we will be offering several summer tutoring programs in the South Bay and Manhattan Beach area, but starting now can help students prepare for finals and get the most out of “Zoom School.”