Khan Academy in the Classroom?

I believe there are some positive and negative aspects of the Khan Academy in the classroom. The positive aspects include that students can learn different materials at their own rates within the same class. They can also learn to take responsibility for their own learning since they are moving through the lessons and completing the work on their own.

However, for students with disabilities, the Khan approach may contain some problems if students loose focus, there is not a physical teacher that can redirect them or even know that they may be daydreaming. In addition, the Khan approach cannot adjust pacing if students are having difficulty and/or need to be taught the concept in a different manner. The Khan academy requires discipline that not all students have.

Another negative effect involves collaboration. If students are all working on learning different concepts, they are not interacting or working in a group. This type of instruction may isolate the students more. I believe the Khan Academy should be used as a supplemental material for students that may finish their work early and need more challenging material. It could also be used as homework if students have computers and internet at home. I do not believe that the Khan Academy should be the primary method of instruction in a classroom of diverse learners.