The New and Improved AP US History Course?

After the US History exam received criticism for how it approached and taught issues such as imperialism, slavery, racism, and American identity, the College Board just released its latest framework for the new AP US History class today on August 5, 2015.

Although the US does not have a national history curriculum yet, the AP US History course that nearly half a million students take for college credit comes the closest to a national curriculum. In 2014, the framework was changed to reflect a shift away from teaching important names and events and instead teaching the ability to interpret, comprehend and debate ideas rather than regurgitate facts. Critics of the old framework also suggested that the history was presented in too negative and political manner. Specifically, there were comments stating that the nation’s founders believed in “white superiority” and that white southerners had “pride in the institution of slavery” to a line calling former President Ronald Reagan “bellicose.”

The new 2015 framework has been rewritten to create a more clear and accurate, balanced approach to teaching history.