Study Tips for Finals-Easier Than You Thought!

Tip 1: Start early
Yes, that means now. You should begin to gather you materials a few weeks in advance as well as start preparing study guides at least 2 weeks before exams.

Tip 2: Organize
Design a study plan based on the dates of each final so you can decide which material to cover each day. Schedule in your agenda the times you will study for each final so you are less likely to skip or not have enough time in your day.

Tip 3: Outline

Creating outlines is a great way to not only review material but to decipher which material is most important. If you already have outlines, highlighting the most important materials or creating cornell style notes could be another option.

Tip 4: Make flashcards
Flashcards are similar to outlining but you can quiz yourself more easily and take them with you. By copying the material onto the flashcard you are also studying without even knowing it.

Tip 5: Get help
Here is where your tutor or teacher comes in. After you have reviewed the material a few times, you can see which concepts you need to get help on. Ask your teacher or tutor about these specific items.

Tip 6: Sleep
Sleep is often underrated but without it you can set yourself up for failure even if you have put in the proper study time.

Tip 7:Stay calm
This tip is very important as well as even students who are prepared may feel overwhelmed or panic during the test. Use techniques such as doing the easiest questions first, crossing out answers that you know are wrong, taking deep breathes, pacing yourself with the clock so you know where you should be about 1/4 and 1/2 way through the test.

Tip 8: Don’t rush

You have spent at least two weeks studying.Work through the exam slowly and read all the questions before answering them. Make sure to check your work if at all possible whether it is an essay, math problems, or multiple choice.

Good luck Mustangs!!! Hope these tips help.