Learning Pod Registration Information

Hello All,

Thank you for your interest in Beach Cities Tutoring.  Summer is a great time to take advantage of the most experienced and best tutors as they have more availability!

For Fall, We can definitely help you with one on one tutoring AND small groups, but you would have to find your own group members as we are swamped right now. I have pasted the costs below for the homework/schoolwork part but this does not involve creating additional curriculum so there may be a slight added cost for that. We can also do a combination of individual and group tutoring. 

Why is Beach Cities Tutoring So Unique?

Because Beach Cities Tutoring was founded by a special education teacher and many of our tutors are current or former teachers, we have a strong passion for helping students as well as the formal education training and knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy. Also, our director wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with your tutor match so you will receive a follow up call after your first session. We guarantee your satisfaction. We also offer lots of flexibility, accommodate  different learning styles and disabilities, as well as do not lock you into a certain amount of months or hours per week. Finally, our tutors/teachers are well screened and selected to make sure they have strong experience and familiarity with South Bay schools and expectations.

How to Sign Up?

  1. Gather your pod member and decide on the amount of hours and days per week
  2. Have all members complete their contracts and send together OR send separately with the title being one parent’s name . Ex Sally Smith’s pod so that we can keep the contracts together.
  3. Based on the hours and TIME RANGE (NOT SPECIFIC TIMES), and days you want we reach out to the tutors and see which are available.
  4. You will receive an email with available tutors’ bios and exact costs
  5. You will be prebilled for the upcoming month and receive a credit card receipt. The tutor will receive all your info and you can also call the tutor. 

Communication with Classroom Teachers

We do recommend that you provide the tutor/teacher of your pod with the regular teacher’s email and our website so she can see what material is coming up. 

Beach Cities Tutoring Reviews

There is no registration fee and the tutors come to your home (backyard, garage with open door and masks) or can do online if you prefer. We will call you after your first session to make sure you are happy. If for any reason you wanted to try another tutor you could. Hopefully, you had a chance to visit our Yelp as well. We have over 60 reviews, but do not pay for Yelp so if you go to the bottom where it says “Currently Not Recommend Reviews” you can see 50 more. 

I would be happy to call you on the phone if you like to give you more info, learn more about your daughter/son and answer any questions you have. Our services are not the cheapest, but you are paying for the quality and flexibility. See our one of our recent blogs on private tutoring as an investment and savings.  The cheaper option in the short run is often the more expensive one in the long run.

I hope that helps. Please feel free to forward this email. You also can earn $20-40 off one of your hours if you refer a friend that books at least one month separately from you. Also, to move forward I would need the contracts of each family in your pod. I am happy to speak with you on the phone about that. The contracts don’t lock you into a certain amount of months or sessions per week. You just can’t ever pay the tutor directly, talk to them about money or schedule additional sessions with them directly that are not through the company. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Ivie Sherman, MA in Special Ed

Founder and Director of Beach Cities Tutoring

(310) 210-4415