How COVID-19 Is Changing Tech Use in Schools!

Although there are many negatives of distance learning, there are some positive effects to note as well. Although the rapid shift to distance learning was frustrating for many teachers at first, 87% of teachers reported in an EdWeek Research study that their ability to use educational technology has improved and they plan to use their newfound skills even when school reopens. Teachers have been pushed to innovate and create online resources such as youtube videos, cloze notes, online assignments,  and other materials to teach students with and without disabilities outside of school. Although teacher’s opinions about technology are improving they are not quite as positive as administrators’ outlook. On another positive note though many students were given more access to technology and computers than before the pandemic. Greater access to 1 to 1 computing will make high quality teaching easier. Additionally, teachers have had to deal with a wide range of tech issues and as a result have become a lot more competent at troubleshooting tech problems. This skill will help them when they return to in person teaching as well. No one would argue though that teachers do need professional development and training on how to incorporate computers into instruction, but the pandemic may speed up the incorporation of technology into instruction for students across the board rather just in wealthier districts. We would love to hear your views on the impact of technology on your child or teen’s education within the last few months.