What to Look for in a Chemistry Tutor?

Just knowing the subject of chemistry does not guarantee a tutor will be able to effectively teach or tutor Chemistry. At Beach Cities Tutoring, chemistry tutors assess the student?s needs before targeting their weaknesses. The needs assessment consists of assessing the student?s learning style, content knowledge, and personal interests/goals. Since Chemistry requires a lot of memorization, tutors will help also teach students mnemonics to help more easily remember terms, names, symbols and equations. 

Another important part of being an effective chemistry tutor is being enthusiastic about the subject. Beach Cities Tutors try to make chemistry fun and are passionate about the benefits of Chemistry in everyday life. Our tutors encourage students to ask questions about topics that they don?t understand or want to gain a more in depth knowledge about. 

Since Chemistry can be a stressful class for some, tutors teach specific test taking strategies to reduce test taking anxiety as well as teach specific study skills strategies to help lessen student stress. Most importantly, your Chemistry tutor can not only help with homework but he/she can  create extra practice questions so that students can gain confidence and a strong foundation. Chemistry tutors are well organized to make the most effective use of the tutoring session, but allow flexibility if certain topics require more time and attention.

Don?t wait until your child is struggling, please contact us for Chemistry, Honors Chemistry or AP Chemistry tutoring.