Summer Tutoring Scheduling- Don’t Miss Out! First Come First Serve

Apr 15

Hello All,

We know it seems early to think about summer but summer is a great time to take advantage of improving your child/teen’s reading, math, writing, learning a foreign language, test prep, or previewing upcoming material for difficult honors/AP classes. To get your preferred tutor and your preferred days/times, please reach out early so we can accommodate you. If for some reason your tutor is unavailable we have other excellent tutors who may be a good fit.

Some specialized offerings this summer include:

**Group summer reading clubs for middle and high school students who would like to read or are required by their school to read certain books over the summer.
**General study skills/organization coaching to help your child be more successful in school.
**Kinder prep for students ages 3-5.
** Writing using textual evidence

Summer tutoring can be flexible, if you want part but not all of the summer. We can customize a program for you even if you do not have materials. Additionally, we also offer small group tutoring (for multiple families) which can reduce prices and make students more motivated. I will send a list with more specific summer offerings separate from this email. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Thank you again,

Ivie and the Beach Cities Tutoring Team
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