Michael R.

Michael graduated from Vistamar High School and recently graduated from Humboldt State University this past December. He majored in English Writing Practices with minors in psychology and music. Michael specializes in teaching college-aged students but is more than capable of teaching students of all ages and of all reading/writing abilities. Michael spent a semester as a teaching intern for a core course that every English Major must take to graduate from HSU. The course he interned for was titled Literature, Identity, and Representation and dealt with argumentative essays, reflective essays, creative writing, and reading comprehension assignments. Michael also enrolled in an extra course at HSU to become eligible as a tutor on campus to help students from all backgrounds, not just English, to improve their writing in their respective fields. It is Michael’s belief that realizing one’s highest potential in writing and reading should be a stimulating and rewarding experience for his students and not simply a tedious, daunting task made necessary by the demands of academia. Michael has a calm but engaging approach to his teaching and believes the key to unlocking one’s success as a reader or a writer is to find a passion for reading and writing.