SAT Reading Tips- Before and During the Test

Oct 05

SAT Reading Section Tips While Taking the SAT

1. Actively read, meaning underline keywords and main ideas in passages!

2. Determine main idea and/or purpose of author after reading BEFORE you read the questions.

2. After reading the question, take a guess at what the answer might be BEFORE looking at the answer choices so that you have an idea of what you are looking for.

3. Eliminate as many answer choices as possible that are irrelevant or do not answer the question.

4. Finally, choose the best answer based on steps 1-3

SAT Reading Section Preparation that You Should Do Throughout High School

1. Read as much as possible to build your vocabulary and comprehension skills!

2. Use context clues when reading to determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary words.

3. Study etymology (meanings of word parts, prefixes, suffixes, etc) so that you can break down unknown words to determine meaning.

4. Keep a journal of unknown vocabulary that you encounter while reading.

**More SAT Math Tips to come! Summer is a great time to prep for the SAT but I do SAT prep all year long.  Please visit for more info.