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Writing Resources

Here are some writing resources that I have used with my students while teaching public school and during tutoring. I hope you find them helpful:)!

English Essay Formula
I created this formula to help mostly high school students, although middle schools students can use it. This is a very structured step by step format that includes each piece of a 5 paragraph essay. There are two formulas: one for essays based on a novel and one for essays that do not require a novel.

five paragraph essays?
This is a more detailed explanation of a five paragraph essay that includes a sample essay.

Persuasive Essay Prompt, Prewriting, and Editing Checklist? Here is a sample of an persuasive essay prompt, pre-writing outline, and editing checklist for middle school students. This would be a great summer activity or you could just use the editing checklist and/or prewriting outline to help your students with their class assignments.

? site offers practice and explanation specifically for writing conclusions to paragraphs and essays. I find that this is the hardest part of writing for many students K-12. site offers a variety of free writing resources that includes sentence writing, essay writing, grammar/mechanics and standardized writing tests.