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Special And General Education Resources For Parents

I have found the following links very helpful for parents of students in general education as well as special education.
LA Area Special Education?Advocate We Champion for your Child?s Future
Edarticle is a collection of education articles that are free to read, and free to share.
In Special?Needs Education?you will find articles?and blogs on topics such as autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, physical and developmental challenges.
This website has a variety of resources for parents of students with learning differences including learning disabilities and ADHD. Some of the resources include a question/answer forum, glossary, and articles
This site allows you to compare K-12 school ratings nationwide to find the best schools. It also has free worksheets, homework help and resources for parents that encompass a variety of issues from bullying to too much technology.
This website offers free activities, worksheets, and workbooks for all grade levels and subjects. Although they are free, you do need to register with the website. There are also some great articles for parents as well that include topics ranging from health, family fun, food and nutrition, technology and back to school. It is definitely worth checking out.