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Spanish Practice Worksheets And Resources

If you have decided to invest in learning Spanish, you have made a great decision! In the current and future competitive job markets, your child will have far greater opportunities if they are bilingual. Here are some great resources whether you are taking Spanish in school or learning Spanish on your own.
This is a great website for middle and high school students who are already taking Spanish or those who want to learn it on their own. It provides free online tutorials with audio, cultural notes, grammar, vocabulary, verb drills, and a dictionary.
This site is great for elementary school students who are learning or want to learn Spanish. The site offers free printable worksheets, games, stories, activities, and dialogues.
This site offers Spanish resources for all levels of students. It has a free translator, worksheets, games, and classes. It even has a free online Spanish test to estimate fluency level.
This site provides free Spanish worksheets in PDF form as well as grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, glossary and audio files.

This website has a variety of powerpoints organized by topics and worksheets in PDF format that you can download for extra practice.