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College Application Essays

In addition to grades, SAT scores, and extra-curricular activities, one of the most important ways your child can stand out among the rest is his/her college application essay. The following resources provide tips, information and samples to help your child get into his or her first choice university. I know that I would have appreciated this help when I was in high school, but Beach Cities Tutoring can also provide you with individualized assistance with your college application essay.

10 Tips for Writing Your College Application Essay
This is a great article although sometimes writing a college essay with these tips is easier said than done.? Tip #3 is especially important as you want to be memorable when the college admissions board are reading all these essays.

Sample College Essay Prompts
This site provides a variety of sample college application essay topics that you can use to practice writing your college application essay.

Formatting your College Application Essay
This site provides step-by-step guidelines on formatting your college essay once you have chosen your topic and read the tips and prompts above.

Three Sample College Application Essays