Making Science More Fun and Interactive

Jul 14

Take advantage of summer to expose your children to the principles that govern electricity. Sound boring??!! Well through the use of technology you can make this type of lesson engaging and fun. Mobile technology can be used to explore all types of science and math topics in a way that is accessible, interactive and allows students to visualize and create.

Explore the options below:

  • Circuit playground- a web TV program that acts out basic concepts and vocabulary with fun graphics and puppets.
  • http://www.sciencecom/category/experiments/ -provides a list of science easy science experiments with instructions that can be done at home
  • Muse Maze Circuit Jam- geared for older kids, this interactive game makes electronic circuits easy to understand and contains over 100 puzzles that gradually introduce circuit basics without getting deep into formulas and equations.  Kids can have fun while learning about voltage, current, and resistance.