Is Your Child/Teen Struggling with Essay Writing?

Nov 12

Writing is one of the most important skills a student can master, not only for their academic careers, but also for their business and person lives.  One of the most common client needs is essay writing. I have developed an essay formula that is pretty simple to follow, and I can help your child/teen use this so they can develop more confidence in their writing! In addition, they will feel more comfortable and less stressed once they realize that writing an essay follows a common structure that they can master. It is not a puzzle or mystery:)! Here is a sample of the beginning of the formula. If you would like more information, please contact me through our website’s contact form.


Introduction-Paragraph 1

1) Hook- 1-2 sentences

2) Background/Summary (if there is a novel, include the title and author’s name) 3-4 sentences

3) Thesis (the most important part:)!!! -1 -2 sentences


Body Paragraphs- Paragraph 2-4

1) Introduction Sentence (tied to thesis)- 1 sentence

2) Lead in to quote- 1-2 sentences

3) Quote

4) Explain the importance of quote and how it proves your thesis- 1-3 sentences


*****The formula posted above is incomplete, but I can give you a copy of the complete version and teach your child/teen how to use it!