Integrating Literature across the Curriculum

Mar 18

Why is it important to integrate literature across all subject areas to make it more meaningful to students?

I have had students who ask me “Why are we reading this?” They feel as if literature does not relate to their real lives and therefore are less motivated to pay attention and to give their full effort. I think it is our job as teacher to try to connect literature to students’ lives. I also like the idea of allowing students to have some choice in the literature that we read. I may give two or three choices about a specific theme and then have literature circles so students can discuss their reading using guided discussion questions. I believe thematic units also help us to incorporate and connect culturally diverse literature because students can see that across cultures, people face similar challenges and experiences. I agree that thematic units can be a lot of work for the teacher, but on a positive note they can increase teacher collaboration among teachers of different subject matters. In conclusion, I think if we make literature more meaningful to students, they are more likely to become lifelong readers and encourage reading in their future children.