How Can You Inspire a Love for Reading in Your Child

Apr 23

I am a lifelong reader, and I owe it to my mom. First, she always set a good example by reading herself. Next, she would read one book of our choice to my brother and I every night before bed. She also took us to the library often and enrolled us in summer reading programs.

As parents, you can greatly influence your child’s love of reading. In fact, as a teacher and tutor, I have noticed that many of my students who love reading have parents that read and have books around the house. I know this because I am in their homes for tutoring. Here are some ways that you can share the joy of reading with your child, especially in the age of technology.


1) Provide Children with Choices

When children and teens have the independence to select a book of their own choice, they will be more motivated to read. Take your child to the library or book store as a family outing.


2) Be a Reading Role Model

Students who see their parents reading and discussing books will understand that it is a fun activity that is worth talking about.


3) Create a Book Club

Have your children pick a book and create a book club party where they can invite their friends to talk about the book. You can have the children dress up as the characters or create game show or interview format for your book club.


4) Buy or Rent Books from the library for the Ipad

Even though I prefer paper or hardcover books, having your child read on the ipad is also a valuable way to get them to enjoy reading using technology.


5) Summer Reading Programs with Rewards

Summer reading programs are a great way to make reading exciting. Students are often able to compete to see who reads the most and also earn prizes and rewards after they read a certain amount of books.


As a parent, it is never too early to inspire the love of reading in your child!