Helpful Tips for Transitioning to Middle School

May 07
Middle school can seem scary at first with students having one teacher to having to adjust to 6 different teachers’ expectations. Middle schools are often bigger, and preteen hormones are raging. Students are often finding their niche or clique as far as friends. The homework and work load overall becomes more intense. However, middle school is exciting and will help prepare your child for future success in high school and college. We hope the tips below will help your child’s transition to middle school and smooth and successful one.
1)    Take a tour of the school before school starts. Use a map to find the fastest and easiest way between each of your child’s classes. Have them locate and try their locker combination if they have one.
2)    Become familiar with technological resources that your middle school uses, such as the Ipad. Find out where assignments are posted online, how to submit assignments online and use online books. Practice navigating these resources with your child.
3)    Encourage your child to record homework and tests in his planner so they can keep up with their assignments and stay organized for each subject. Also, it can be helpful forsome students to have a large calendar at home to record important dates or to color code by subject. This is a great way to manage long-term assignments.
4)    Help your child organize materials and supplies. Decide which books will be kept at home or need to be brought home. Design separate folders to keep finished work and homework that needs to be completed. Clearly label materials and color code folders/binders. It is important to develop good study skills in middle school so your child has a good foundation for high school and college.
5)    Encourage your child to participate in extra curricular activities and community service to help them build a strong social support system and develop social skills and leadership skills. There are many options for sports and clubs in middle school. They may wish to explore a second language club, artistic talent, band, etc.
Middle school includes the many opportunities students for students to grow, mature and develop skills that they will use throughout their school and career life if they have the right support.