Educational games are a great way to motivate your child to study and learn at home while incorporating technology. I have listed a few great sites below for you to check out! I will continue to update this. Please feel free to post suggestions on our facebook:


1)   Fun Brain- an educational site for K-8th grade students. This website has games in all subjects including, math, grammar, science, spelling, and history! Great for improving, practicing, and learning new skills.


2) PBS Kids- an educational site that includes videos, activities and games.


3)   Learning Games for Kids- This educational site has keyboarding,  literature games, spelling games, educational songs/videos, printables worksheets, science games, short vowel games, and geography games.


4)   Brainpop- an animated educational site for kids off all ages K-high school. This site has movies, quizzes, activity pages, and school homework help for K-12 in all subjects. I highly recommend this site.


5)   The Official Web Site of the Nobel Prize- this educational site features games and simulations based on Nobel Prize winners. This is a great site for high school students.


6) Learn for Good-This site has a variety of educational games for high school students in various subjects.


7) Turtle Diary- This site has great worksheets, games, and activities for K-2 in all subjects. You can browse by category and by grade level. It is very kid friendly.


8) Kidz Page- This site offers not only games to improve academic subjects but also provides games to help improve memory and logic. Although it not as well organized as some sites, there are some good math games and printable worksheets as well.