Graphic Organizers and Editing Checklists to Improve Your Child’s Writing

Jun 14

With the advent of Common Core, writing has become a crucial part of all subjects. Students must explain their reasoning and how they come up with solutions in math, write multiple paragraph essays in history and write complex lab reports and evidence based paragraphs in science. One of the most important parts of writing include prewriting and editing. Both of which students hate to do. They often just want to start writing and end writing when they finish the physical act of writing. However, prewriting or brainstorming can greatly improve students’ ability to organize information in their writing. In addition, the editing checklist can offer an organized way for students to check all aspects of their writing and revise it before turning it in. Editing checklists cover grammar, organization, paragraph structure, and word choice. So before child yells out “I’m done!!” Make sure you take advantage of the resources below.