CSU Soon May Require 4 years of High School Math

Jul 05

Students may no longer be able to get away with 3 years of math and an easy senior year.  The CSU system approved a resolution this spring changing the current requirement of 3 years of math to 4 years for incoming freshman.

It is recommended that the 4th year may include a course in mathematical reasoning such as statistics, computer science or coding, which helps students create computer software.

CSU figures point to the need for more rigorous math requirements.  Last fall 27% of freshman, or 17,653 students, needed remedial or “developmental” courses in mathematics. Almost the same number had not taken a fourth year of high school math.

The UC system is also looking at changing their math requirements to 4 years but since most of their applicants already take 4 years, the issue is not as urgent.

We already have a high demand for math tutoring in elementary and middle school with our current system, so as more emphasis is put on math and Common Core Math, we will be expanding as far hiring even more highly qualified math tutors who can help students excel in math.