Coding in Kindergarten?! Who Knew?

May 01
            Why would kids need to learn coding in Kindergarten? In California alone, there are 78,000 open jobs for computer scientists, but only 4,800 computer science college graduates. Every state in the US needs more computer programmers than schools are producing. Currently 56% of CA public schools do not offer a single course in computer programming. K-12 does not have a standard curriculum for computer science and it is not part of the Common Core Standards. While high school enrollment has rise 15 % since 2000, number of classes in computer science programming fell 34%. 
           Hence, there is a need to start planting the seeds for computer programming in our children early on. Yes, even in kindergarten.  In Silicon Valley, kindergarten classrooms are using a smiling yellow and black robot named Bee-Bot to teach students how to code. Students take turns rolling a dice and send the Bee-Bot to corresponding squares on a checkered plastic sheet. They take turns pushing the Bee-Bot’s button in correct sequences to enter various commands.  The robot then follows their instructions. Even though it seems simple, the children are learning the basics of coding because they are essentially telling the robot what to do step by step
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