Helpful Apps for Time Management and Studying

Just in time for finals and AP Exams! Here are some apps that will limit your procrastination and improve your time management and study strategies

  1. – this is an online timer to help you with focused study sessions.
  2. Stayfocusd for Google Chrome
  3. LeechBlock for Firefox:
  4. MeeTimer for firefox tracks and logs where you spend your time online.
  5. 43 Things- goal setting site
  6. StickK- goal setting site
  7. Coffitivity- modest background noise similar to a coffee shop.


Planning and Flash Card Apps

  1. 30/30- combines timers with a task list.
  2. Studyblue- combines flash cards and notes with text messages when its time to study again. http:///
  3. Evernote- one of my personal favorites; very poplar for noting task lists and random pieces of information.
  4. Anki- one of the best pure flash card systems with excellent spaces repetition algorithm.
  5. allows you to input your own flashcards.
  6. Google Calendar- can help you organize your study schedule.