Basic Multiplication Facts Baseball Game (also good for basic math facts or vocabulary

Oct 19
If your child does not enjoy memorizing their times tables, basic math facts, vocabulary words,etc, you are not alone! One way to make these tasks fun is by making learning a game. Baseball is a very easy way to turn practicing their facts into a game. Although this game works best with two children, you can play the game with one child and one adult.

Materials:  white paper, pencil,  two game pieces or different colored coins and chips
Object: To score the most home-runs in a set time or to score an agreed amount of home-runs. Of course the real object is to practice the child’s times tables or other math facts:).
1)   Draw a baseball diamond with home plate, first base, second base and third base on a piece of white paper OR designate areas of a room as home plate, first base, second base, and third base if you would like to incorporate more physical interaction.
2)  Draw a scoreboard with your team and your child’s team name. Decide how many home runs a child must get to win the game. You can take turns if you wish or you can just allow your child to be up at all times, but after they get three strikes they must start back at home plate.
3) Tell your child they are at base first. Show them a times table flash card. If they get the answer correct, they move to first base. If they get the answer wrong they have one strike.
4) Show them a second flashcard, and either they proceed to the appropriate base or get a strike. Once they complete a home run, give them a point on your score sheet.
5) Continue with this process. If you have two students, after one gets three strikes, the other child is up at bat.
6) The child wins once they reach a certain amount of home runs or whoever gets the most home runs in a designated amount of time.