Tutoring for Underachieving Gifted Students

Apr 08

Tutoring can help gifted students as much as those who are struggling. Gifted students may underachieve due to boredom or lack of interest in the subjects being taught in the classroom. The right tutor can be the answer to your gifted child’s problems.

It is a misconception that tutoring is only for students who are failing academic subjects. Tutoring can also improve motivation, study skills, and behavior.  Parents often think that tutoring is for students who are falling behind in subjects such as math and reading, but it can actually help gifted students who lack motivation. Underachievement often involves students having a negative perception of their own abilities.

Tutoring can help build a child’s academic self-esteem if you find the right tutor who can make a connection with your child and provide the positive reinforcement and encouragement to build a student’s self-esteem.

If you believe that your child’s lack of motivation does not involve self esteem issues tutoring can also help challenge students by allowing them to go ahead of their peers or do lesson extensions of what their peers are learning. In addition to help challenging your child during the school year, gifted students also benefit from summer tutoring which is a great opportunity to get ahead and to also do more creative learning projects.