Ready or Not: Check Out the Changes to the “New” SAT


As of 2016, the College Board will be making changes to the current SAT in an effort to make it more reflective of students’ ability to succeed in college. Students will no longer be required to take the essay portion of the exam so the top possible score will once again be 1600 as it was for many decades.

In addition, some of the other changes to the test include making the math problems less theoretical and more closely related to real life. Students will no longer be allowed to use calculators so that the SAT will also test their math fluency and calculation skills.

For the English portion, there will be less obscure vocabulary and more commonly used vocabulary that students will see in their everyday lives.  The optional essay will be more closely linked to the texts presented to students to test their analyzation skills include less personal opinion.

Other changes will include a change in the scoring. Students will no longer loose points for incorrect answers. They will only be given points for correct  answers. In addition the new SAT will be connected to the new Common Core teaching standards so they will have to apply their knowledge to problem solve. Finally, the SAT will start offering an online form as well as traditional paper form.

The changes to the SAT were brought about due to the criticism that the SATs did not accurately predict performance in college as well as the assertion that students from privileged backgrounds have an advantage in that they can take expensive prep courses. As a result the Khan Academy will offer a free series of practice exams and videos about good test-taking practices.