Public Speaking, Listening and the new Common Core Curriculum

In addition, to reading, writing and math, the Common Core curriculum will acknowledge the need for students to be a proficient speakers and listeners. Although written communication is important, the US workplace places a high value on speaking and listening skills as well. With the advent of texting, proper, formal speech barely exists; however, it is important that students be able to properly communicate with coworkers and superiors in the workplace.


The Common Core will focus on the following skills:

  • How to communicate with adults who are older than they are with sufficient interest and respect to encourage mutual conversation and interaction.
  • How to raise an issue with a superior or colleague without resorting to emotion or inappropriate language.
  • How to negotiate when they aren’t getting what they want or feel they deserve.
  • How to deal with difficult people whose communication skills are not as good as their own.
  • How to use humor to relieve tension and to make communication more enjoyable.


These skills will be recognized and valued in the Common Core as teachers prepare students for college, the workplace and society.