Common Core Testing: Not All Bad!





Many parents, teachers and students hold valid fears about the new Common Core tests that will replace the CSTs but one benefit of these new tests is that they include many supports for those with visual, auditory and linguistic needs. Some of the tools are embedded in the online tests and others include printed materials or handheld calculators that may be provided by test administrators. Below is a list of universal tools provided to all students as well as documented accommodations that can be accessed with an IEP or 504 Plan. For more information you can visit



Universal Tools: 

Embedded in online tests 

Breaks, calculator, digital notepad, English dictionary, expandable passages, global notes, highlighter, keyboard navigation, mark for review, math tools, spell check, strikethrough, writing tools and zooms






Universal Tools: 


 Breaks, English dictionary, scratch paper, and thesaurus



Documented Accommodations for Students with IEPs/504 PlansEmbedded: 

American Sign Language, Braille, closed captioning, and text-to-speech.

Documented Accommodations for Students with IEPs/504 PlansNonembedded:

abacus, alternate response

options, calculator,

multiplication table,

print on demand,

read aloud,

scribe, and speech-to-text