So Many Advantages of Summer Tutoring!!!!


Whether your child struggled during the year, needs to maintain the skills they learned, or wants to get a head start for next year, summer tutoring may be for you!

Since private tutoring is one on one, lessons focus on your child or teen’s needs. A summer tutor pays more attention to the child’s learning process and can attend to the child’s weaknesses. Aside from that, summer tutoring address the child’s learning style and matches it to the pacing of the lessons. In addition, tutors closely monitor progress and can apply interventions much more easily than a teacher who has 30 students in the classroom.

In the classroom set-up, the teacher attends to an average of twenty to thirty students. Naturally, students learn at different levels and speed, and using different styles. Some students need lengthy discussions and more time to digest the lesson, while others read the materials and study on their own.

If the majority of the students understand the lesson, then the teacher moves forward, leaving behind one or two students in the process. Private tutors help these children catch up with the rest of the class.

A summer tutor also makes it easier to diagnose learning problems. Although tutors are not expected to diagnose and correct these problems, they may give advice or refer the child to the proper professional.

For parents who work, summer tutors can ensure that students do not loose the skills they learned over the school year, especially in math, reading and writing. Tutors can work on specific math concepts as well as reinforce reading comprehension strategies. In addition, they can work on essay writing, paragraph structure, organization, and grammar.

Summer tutoring can also be used to preview skills that will be taught in the upcoming year. Tutors can provide modeling, guided practice, and independent practice as well as detailed notes. Now that you know all the benefits of summer tutoring, don’t wait so you can get your preferred days and times!