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Private Tutoring in all subjects K- Graduate School as well as SAT/ACT Test Prep, ISEE Prep Spanish, Mandarin, German, editing services, homeschooling, ESL, and college application consulting in the comfort of your own home. Serving all South Bay Cities and the Westside. Call (310) 210-4415 for more information or contact us through our contact tab. We will personally match you with the most highly qualified tutor and guarantee your satisfaction.  Unlike most tutoring centers there is NO REGISTRATION FEE.


Individual Approach To All

All students can learn, but learn in different ways and at different rates! It is essential to determine the student’s learning type, style, and pace. Having a strong background in Special Education, we know that some students are visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners or a combination of these types. Some students need more review and practice while others catch on quickly. Private tutoring allows the tutor to assess the student’s learning style and needs and create a program that matches those needs. Our tutors may use tools such as manipulatives, games, flashcards, drill type worksheets, creative projects, and/or technology related projects. In addition, looking at the individual means assessing the whole child including their personality, interests, attention span, motivation, need for breaks and stress release, as well as organization skills. Beach Cities Tutoring does not have a standard program to address every student. Each student receives an appropriate program to match their needs and learning style so that they will succeed in various environments.

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